Friday, January 15, 2010

This is me ..

‘So, your first task for the blog is to post something about yourself in 5 paragraphs. It must be written from a third-person narration. I don’t want you to write about your parents’ names, how many siblings you have and whatnot’. Aqil’s face was filled with incredulous look and he started to feel uneasy. ‘What am I suppose to write about myself’, he wondered. For one, he thought that there was nothing interesting about him or his life worth writing. Every day is just like any other days, dull and boring. Nothing is out of the ordinary and everything is just as it supposed to be. But, as his English teacher used to say, most adults lost their sense of appreciation of things around them. People do not value things until they are gone or taken away from them. Perhaps he too had become one of those adults, unable to notice the ‘little’ things around him which may actually be worthy of appreciation.

Thus, for hours, he did his best to ‘squeeze’ ideas out of his brain and unfortunately with little success. Frustrated with his lack of progress, he took a break, grabbed the guitar he shared with his roommates and played his favourite piece of classical music called Spanish Romance. He loves music of every kind, be it classical or modern. The melody soothed his headache and carried his mind far away from his body. Even though his fingers were tapping and strumming the strings, his mind was somewhere else. He was thinking about himself, his past, present and what will become of him in the future.

He is brought up in a loving and caring family and the upbringing from his parents foster him into a well-accepted individual in the society-from his point of view. His parents enrolled him into religious schools ever since kindergarten as to expose him to the virtuous way of life. For them, their role is of the utmost importance in shaping their offspring’s personality, behaviour and conscience. Hence, he was brought up in an upright environment with his parents to guide him through all facets of life’s challenges and trials, solace him whenever he is feels down and to give advice when his judgement fails him. Then there are his friends, who influence him in many ways from various angles and in some aspects moulded him into what he is now. That is how strong the power of friendship is in one’s life. Once you made the wrong choice of friend, the relationship will end with either one of the three possibilities. Let say you befriended a thief, its either you ended up being one, walked away from him-end the relationship altogether or if you are dominant enough, you might be able to influence and dissuade him from the destructive path.

He is a guy that always expects the worst out of anything, a pessimist you might called it. Thus, anything he does, he wants it to be as perfect as possible. He hates when things go opposite of his expectation, but then, who are not? Even so, being a pessimist limits his capability as he dares not try to do things beyond his usual acts and customs. For example, in class, when the teacher asks a question and he might have the solution, he does not have the nerve to raise up his hand for fear of being the laughingstock of his classmates if his answer is wrong. During exam periods, instead of buying a few pencils for safety just in case one is broken, he buys a lot of them, money is never an issue, for safety yes, but there is no real need to do so. He does not trust himself and therefore, there are many things he is not courageous enough to do, to get out of the thick shell that has been trapping him for years, that block his view of this amazing world and to discover possibilities of different choices in life and where they may lead.

What a waste if one always sees life from one view and plane, to always follows the regular routine, and is afraid to open his or herself for potential possibleness instead of the usual choice made in every day’s wont. This world is such an amazing and awesome place, there is so much to discover and experience and possibilities are boundless. After graduating from high school with an acceptable grade, he went to a private college in Bandar Utama. There, he meets a lot people from multitude walks of life and although he does not open up completely for people to know him intimately, he is trying his very best. College’s life educates him in various aspects and the new experience remoulds his perspective of the world. He learned to look through everything from different angles, not to judge matters from one side, but from every possible side. There is much to learn and experience and he intend to make use of this new life to broaden his horizon of the world and prepares himself for what world has to offer. ‘Aqil, are you coming for dinner or not!’, his roommates shouted from downstairs. Being shocked out of his long thought, he quickly put the guitar down and followed his friends. ‘Perhaps I’ll get some ideas at the mamak stall’, he muttered to himself.